Infor Global Solutions

Infor Global Solutions


Frontstep Bulgaria has been appointed to develop the country pack for France specific modifications. Frontstep software engineers worked together with Infor France consultants to deliver modifications required by country specific requirements like: Invoice, Credit and Debit Memos; AR Posted Transactions Detail; AR Payments and AR Quick Payment Application, Vendor Ledger Report, Vendor Summarized Balance Report, Purchase VAT Register and Sales VAT Register, Customer Ledger Report, Customer Summarize Balance Report, General Ledger Report by Classes, Summarize General Ledger, Time and Attendance Report, A/P Posted Transactions, AP Quick Payment Application.

Infor Global Solutions

Infor Global Solutions


Frontstep Bulgaria has been appointed to provide educational services to the new Hungarian partner over SyteLine functionality. Frontstep Bulgaria consultant analyzed country specific requirements and our software engineers implemented them in the Hungarian country pack. Developed Enhancements include: New Invoicing Features, Purchase Order Inventory Receipt, Trial Balance Reports, Fixed Assets Modifications, VAT Reports, Unpaid Vouchers Report, Delinquency Fee Invoice and Delinquency Notice, Petty Cash – Cash Desk.

Schneider Electric Bulgaria
IT Projetc 2004

Schneider Electric Bulgaria is subsidiary of Schneider Electric – leading company in the field of electricity with four trade marks Merlin Gerin, Modicon, Square D, Telemecanique.

In 1999 Schneider Electric Bulgaria bought part of EAZ in Perushtitsa and started manufacturing of switches. The company employs 200+ people. Schneider Electric Bulgaria is working with SyteLine ERP - Customers, Inventory Management, Production, Purchasing, Costing, Financing and Quality Management since the beggining of year 2004

The implementation of Infor ERP SyteLine is done in order to optimize and re-engineering of manufacturing and logistic processes, minimize non valued added activities and lead time, improvement of material planning, optimize and minimize inventory quantities, sub-suppliers management, EDI with customers and suppliers, provide correct and timely information, maximum ease and speed of work for the users of the system to achieve a better productivity and use of bar code data collection.

Watts Industries
Watts Industries Bulgaria EAD

Watts Industries Bulgaria EAD is a subsidiary company of the European Watts Industries Group and belongs to the Watts Instrumentation division. Located in Plovdiv, Watts Industries Bulgaria manufactures high-standard pressure and temperature measurement devices.
Watts Industries is customer of Frontstep and SyteLine ERP since 1999. The company has successfully implemented the base ERP functionality and is constantly working toward its development and enrichment with new modules. The system registers and control customer orders, manufacturing and shipping. It maintains information about BOM and routings for the manufactured products and inventory levels. Watts Industries plans and optimizes materials, manufacturing orders and load of the work center.

Ekip Mapics Turkey
Ekip Mapics Turkey

As former Mapics XA partner Ekip needed quick start up with the new technology application like SyteLine 7. Fronstep Bulgaria provided for them functionality and technical training on SyteLine to help them be successful on the Turkish market. Frontstep Bulgaria developed required modifications for Turkish country pack that includes modifications of some of the existing SyteLine features, country specific reports and development of completely new modules like Deferred Checks Management


Navman, a brand owned by MiTAC International Corporation is a manufacturer of GPS navigation, communications and marine electronics equipment for personal and business use. They have implemented SyteLine7 ERP solution to support the various functions within the business.

Navman have developed an Internet-based eCommerce website known as Navstore. Navstore allows customers to place online orders for equipment and pay via credit card. Navman required an interface to be created, which would pass Navstore order and payment data to SyteLine for accounting and inventory purposes.

Frontstep Bulgaria was appointed as an Infor subcontractor with this project and developed an interface that uses Visual Basic (VB), the same language used to create the SyteLine7 forms and IDE. This interface was used to fully support the eCommerce website in word of transferring the data from the website and creating the Customer Orders and Customer Order Lines, Ship the Orders, Invoice them and create the Payment for the invoices.


Renishaw - a world leader in engineering technologies, Renishaw supplies products for applications as diverse as metrology, raman spectroscopy, motion control, machine tool automation, calibration, co-ordinate measurement, CAD/CAM dentistry and stereotactic neurosurgery. To meet the growing demand for its products, Renishaw implements Infor ERP SyteLine 7.

Renishaw’s Purchase Ledger department is processing a great number of invoices every month, one third of which require some investigation. During project planning it was estimated that too many people would be required to process the volume of invoices received using standard SyteLine, so Renishaw needed a solution to speed up the process.

Frontstep Bulgaria helped Renishaw in developing a new utility to create AP vouchers from the file of registered invoices by automatically matching the invoices against purchase orders and receipt records.

As a result Renishaw needed less people to process the invoice receiving, decreased number of invoices for investigation and increased process productivity.


FRESHTEX worldwide is a successful company belonging to the ALT Group, offering an internationally unique network of production and design facilities for the clothing industry. With a regional development center and 9 production sites in 8 countries, Freshtex implements Infor ERP SyteLine 7 initially in Izmir, Turkey and roll outs the project to other sites. Freshtex needed additional functionality to cover the needs of their specific of production processes for fashionable washes, dyeing and special treatments.

Frontstep Bulgaria worked together with SCM Solutions GmbH during the implementation and modification of the SyteLine functionality. Frontstep’s Team of consultants was on site working to analyze the business processes and choose the best solution that will fulfil the customer needs. Frontstep acting as a subcontractor of SCM Solutions was involved in heavy development of specific modifications to meet customer and apparel industry requirements. Modifications includes BOM and route configurator, coupons printing, load (job) preparation, cost pre-calculation and etc.


Curtis Balkan

Curtis Balkan is part of Curtis Instruments group – a manufacturer of motor speed control, battery measurement and display for forklifts, golf carts and other electric and hybrid vehicles.

Infor ERP SyteLine is a corporate ERP solution in Curtis Instruments. The project in Bulgaria includes SyteLine’s modules like Sales, Inventory Management, Planning and Scheduling, Routing and Bills of Materials, Manufacturing, Costing, Purchasing, Finances, Quality management, BI, Financial Reporting. The implementation project was conducted in six months and since 15th of September 2008 Curtis Balkan is working successfully with Infor ERP SyteLine.


Podemcrane JSC


Podemcrane is one of the worlds leading suppliers of reliable wire rope hoists for crane manufacturers and end users and continues its expansion worldwide. Podemcrane - the successor of Podem AD is the biggest manufacturer of electrical wire rope hoists in Central and Eastern Europe.
Podemcrane implemented Infor ERP SyteLine in order to establish integrated information system, which allows ease access to the information whenever it is needed, and to whom it is needed and to help critical business decisions making. The company started working with Infor ERP SyteLine only 3 months after the implementation process started.

Smartcom JSC

Smartcom-Bulgaria AD is a telecom system integrator who provides a telecom consulting, turnkey solution development, project implementation management and integration services including support and maintenance.
Smartcom implemented Infor ERP SyteLine in order to improve the financial reporting, sales management, inventory management, manufacturing management and process management according to ISO standarts. SyteLine’s manufacturing functionality allows to report, track and control Smartcom activities related with manufacturing of telecommunication equipment.

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