MindManager 14 for Windows


MindManager for Windows® is the most flexible, powerful, and intuitive mind mapping software available, and it’s now included in Mindjet MindManager®, along with the MindManager for Mac desktop app. MindManager for Windows gives individuals and organisations a better way to capture ideas, organise information, analyse data, and plan projects using interactive mind maps that function as virtual whiteboards. Whether you’re brainstorming a presentation for your biggest client, coordinating an event, seeking approval for your business plan, or validating project requirements, MindManager’s visual approach gives you the clarity you need to succeed.

MindManager maps let you see the big picture and the details. Capture ideas. Make the connections. All in a single view.

Better Brainstorming
Encourage creative brainstorming without the chaos of sticky notes and indecipherable white boards. With MindManager, you can quickly capture ideas, then drag and drop to organise them into themes. Use guided brainstorming tools to enhance the quality and quantity of ideas your team generates. Start by clearly defining your challenge. Generate new ideas by using sets of words, images, and question cards that spark the brainstorming process, then categorise, sort and refine those ideas.

Efficient Project Planning
Build out project plans quickly with simple task creation tools. Add task details and resource assignments, edit due dates, and update the priority of deliverables directly in your project map. Use map and Gantt views to validate objectives, schedules, and resources, then manage execution using Microsoft Project®, Microsoft SharePoint® (using MindManager Server) or Mindjet ProjectDirector. MindManager for Windows gives you the flexibility to manage projects using the method(s) you prefer.

Smarter Budgeting & Forecasting
MindManager for Windows lets you define and apply formulas to topics throughout your map, so you can instantly see the impact of changes in numerical data. Unlike conventional spreadsheets, you can easily drag and drop content or apply filters to quickly perform visual “what-if” analyses and instantly see the impact of changes. You can even use formulas using multiple functions and operators. Data is easy to edit and much easier to present and explain.

Key Capabilities

Choose the Best View: Lay out ideas, information, and projects in a variety of visual formats, including information maps, outlines, Gantt charts, 2x2 analysis views, organisation charts, and indexed content lists.

Add Content and Context: Add hyperlinks, attachments, notes, images, and spreadsheets to provide additional levels of detail. Easily drag and drop files from your desktop, Windows® Explorer®, SharePoint® or online file folders into your map. You can also drag and drop emails, contacts, tasks and appointments from Microsoft Outlook®. Use the embedded browser to view attachments, notes and websites in context.

Give Persuasive Presentations: Showcase ideas and increase engagement using MindManager’s automated presentation view or customisable slideshows. With MindManager’s dynamic presentations, you can easily tailor the level of details presented for each audience and capture critical feedback directly in the presentation.

Drive Decision-Making: Use 2 x 2 analysis views, such as SWOT charts, to clarify strategic decisions. Numerical calculation and formula functions let you analyse the results of changes to budgets, forecasts and portfolios instantly.

Stay Current with MindManager PLUS: MindManager PLUS is an optional one-year subscription that provides all new feature releases and an online account for anytime, anywhere access to your maps, including from Mindjet mobile apps.






  • Brainstorming
  • Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Microsoft Word®
  • Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • Project Planning
  • Microsoft SharePoint®
  • Microsoft Project®
  • Microsoft Word®
  • Strategic Planning
  • MindManager PLUS*
  • Microsoft Project®
  • Budgeting & Financial Planning
  • Mindjet ProjectDirector
  • Microsoft Excel®
  • Research & Writing
  • *requires MindManager Server

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