Infor SyteLine Data Collection

Infor SyteLine Data Collection equips manufacturers to gather timely, accurate, and detailed information throughout their shop floor ó from parts arrival to customer order shipment. Infor SyteLine Data Collection gathers information with the use of numerous hand held devices, so you donít need terminals to input data into all over your shop floor. With timely access to accurate data, production operations can be streamlined and customer orders promised with a higher degree of confidence.

Infor SyteLine Data Collection works smoothly with any combination of data collection devices ó from workstations with wedge scanners to store-and forward data collection equipment or wireless radio frequency data collection systems. Like all of Infor SyteLine ERP, the data collection module is based on Microsoft technology. Infor SyteLine Data Collection can work with any device supporting Web-based Active Server Pages (ASP). No proprietary hardware requirements will limit your growth.



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