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Infor MyDay is a dynamic Web 2.0 user interface for Infor applications that provides central access to the critical information users need to excel in their daily work. Based on in-depth research into the roles and working life of real users, Infor MyDay presents content from Infor applications in personalized format, allowing users to easily drill-down to transactional systems and make sound decisions that create value for the organization.

Infor MyDay reduces the time required to find the information they need, directing users to focus on the most important tasks that add value to their organizations. It presents current information from virtually any data source into a tailored web page, complete with reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on their roles. Users can personalize Infor MyDay to their individual requirements, such as creating chart views to represent data, and drill into the original data source or application to process transactions

Employees using Infor MyDay can quickly identify which areas need immediate attention and, as a result, minimize the time to mitigate problems. With those opportunities identified, employees can use the Infor MyDay solution to easily and securely drill deep into the relevant business data stored in your enterprise solutions and retrieve information specific to a business problem or task. This makes it easier to investigate a business problem or challenge and reduce the time to correct that problem. In addition, Infor MyDay for Manufacturing can be combined with other Infor solutions, such as Infor PM and Infor Decisions, to expand your information analysis capabilities.



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Infor MyDay

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