The successful partnership between Podem Cran, Gabrovo and Frontstep continues in 2013

Thanks to the operational programme Competitiveness of Bulgarian economics and Frontstep Bulgaria in 2013 PodemCran AD will expand functuonalities of Infor Syteline ERP system with following features: CRM – with its help the worldwide leading provider of crane components will manage more succesfully sales proceses,making marketing campains and preparing offers for their clients. They shall use Syteline's integration with Outlook for better and faster communication.
Data Collection Module - With different barcode reader Podemcran shall manage the manufacuture of their producst and all warehouses. All activities of the company asinventory management,warehousing of finish goods,work done etc.) shall be detailed tracked. Всички дейности в предприятието ще могат да се отчитат коректно и навреме. The result'll be - faster collectiong of data,less mistakes, better work organization.
Quality Control Solution - QCS system:in following directions - QCS for suppliers and QCS in process.These modules shall assure people from Podem Cran that they are working with proper materials with necessary quality. All production shall be controlled during the process and finally they shall have excelent finished goods, which answered the needs of end customers.



"Ние работим с партньор с богат опит в производството, който познава изключително добре възможностите на системата и намира решения как да адаптира тези възможности към нашите изисквания”

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