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Festo manages end-to-end activities with Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) ERP

Festo is a world leader in providing pneumatic and electrical automation technology. Festo Production is part of Festo AG&Co and is specialized in producing sensors. With annual revenue of well over 17 million BGN, about 200 employees and over 300 products, Festo Production is one of the most up-to-date companies in Bulgaria.

The project

With production surging, Festo realized the need for an integrated system for production management. Having had an annual 30-50% growth for the previous several years, the company needed a system for precise material resources planning, tracking customer orders, calculating the full cost of each product or unit, planning the production schedule and last but not least, managing the financials.

Infor SyteLine ERP was the solution to fulfil this need.

Implementing the system began with a detailed analysis and reengineering of the company business processes, made with Frontstep's consultants. In 3 months the modules for warehouse management went into use, and in 6 - the modules for material resources planning and production management

Afterwards, the Finance and Accounting modules were implemented and used. In Festo all information collected from its work centers is included in the general ledger for financial reporting. The accountants started to control the process instead of doing it manually - accounting operations, references, reports, or financial and acounting analyzes for company or government needs.

With the joint efforts of Festo Production's financial manager and Frontstep's consultants an analysis of the value of time units was made for different work centers accross the factory. Now SyteLine can provide information about the planned costs, considering materials, labor, machinery work and additional expenses. "We know how much time and money has been invested in each product (for electricity, rent etc). The system lets you control the price policy and the final cost. We base our decision whether to take an order on this detailed pricing", explained Festo's IT manager.

The results:

  • Optimized inventory management
  • More effective planning of material resources
  • More precise capacity planning and production scheduling
  • Reduced production time and faster completion of orders
  • Full integration between the production, finance and accounting modules
  • Financial statements based on corporate requirements and national accounting standards

Boris Borisov

IT Manager, Festo

The major advantages of Infor ERP SyteLine are its ability to manage all manufacturing processes, the real-time integration of manufacturing and accounting, the flexibility and how easy it is to operate.


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