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Navman manages its processes with Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP

Navman, a brand owned by MiTAC International Corporation is a manufacturer of GPS navigation, communications and marine electronics equipment for personal and business use. They have implemented SyteLine7 ERP solution to support the various functions within the business.

infor cloudsuite syteline

Navman have developed an Internet-based eCommerce website known as Navstore. Navstore allows customers to place online orders for equipment and pay via credit card. Navman required an interface to be created, which would pass Navstore order and payment data to SyteLine for accounting and inventory purposes.

Frontstep Bulgaria was appointed as an Infor subcontractor with this project and developed an interface that uses Visual Basic (VB), the same language used to create the SyteLine7 forms and IDE. This interface was used to fully support the eCommerce website in word of transferring the data from the website and creating the Customer Orders and Customer Order Lines, Ship the Orders, Invoice them and create the Payment for the invoices.


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