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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our products and services:

Implementation of ERP system mainly consists of in-depth analysis of the processes in the company, system settings, so that it meets the specifics of the ongoing process of training users to work with it and complete documentation of the work done in implementation.

The duration of the implementation depends on the complexity of the project, namely on what units of the plant will be covered by the project, how the staff of the enterprise is ready to be trained in new technologies, how effective will be built by enterprise management organization for implementation. Common in large projects using modular technology deployment in which consistently implement different modules in different departments. The average time for implementation in the West is 6 months +.

The exact answer to your question depends on the specifics of the enterprise. It is necessary to determine how many user licenses and which products you need. In the initial meeting, we can determine the sample frame price. The most accurate answer to this question can be given after a detailed knowledge of the requirements of the supplier, its organizational structure and specific business processes.

The project of implementation of ERP system requires a complex process of user training. This means that if users can start working immediately, training would not have been necessary. In this sense, since you can not use the system without first being a trained distribution of demo version is not appropriate.

Formation of the internal team is important in the implementation, as it is right people in the team to represent the company's key business processes - representatives of departments as a fail finance and accounting, sales, delivery, warehouse, manufacturing, etc.

    • ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) - ERP as system for managing manufacturing,supply,CRM, finance etc.
    • MRP II (Manufacturing Resources Planning)
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • SCM (Supply Chain Management)



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