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Printing & Packaging Industry Pack. 

Keep your production running.


Few industries have been disrupted by new technology as much as the printing and packaging industries. If you’re in one of these industries, you aren’t just using technology advances to execute long-standing business processes with greater efficiency. In printing and packaging, digital technology has fundamentally transformed your business model, changing how you produce products, your potential customer base, and your competitors. You’re operating in a new high-speed, high-quality era that’s putting new pressures on your business.

Making the transformation from the traditional film and metal plate processes has been a major accomplishment. But the transformation is incomplete if you haven’t also modernized your approach to other core business processes with the help of a comprehensive software solution.

To complete the transformation, you need a business software solution with core enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities customized for the specific requirements of printing, publishing, and packaging. That’s what you get with Infor® CloudSuite Industry Pack—Printing & Packaging.


Automotive Industry Pack


Whether your company is a specialty vehicle builder, original equipment Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier, aftermarket service parts provider, or remanufacturer, you’re under constant pressure to meet customer demands and deliver on time while controlling costs and preserving profits. Regardless of the size of your company, its geography, or particular focus, you must navigate through an automotive supply chain that’s filled with an incredibly complex set of business, industry, and regulatory challenges.

With more than 25 years of expertise and commitment solving the business challenges of automotive manufacturers and suppliers, Infor can help you keep pace with today’s intense and constantly changing business requirements with Infor CloudSuite Industrial—a highly flexible manufacturing and distribution enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with full functionality that’s designed to meet the unique requirements of specialty vehicle builders, Tier 1, and aftermarket parts industry segments.


Molding Industry Pack

The molding business seems simple in theory, but in practice there’s plenty of complexity. The extensive assortment of tools and accessories associated with each molding machine creates a formidable logistical puzzle that you must solve repeatedly to keep production flowing. There’s more to it than knowing you have all the equipment you need—you also need to be sure that you have the correct mix of tools on hand for the mix of jobs you’ve scheduled. Lacking an essential tool at a critical time has the same effect on production as having a broken machine. Efficient tool management is essential to achieving optimal throughput.

With the help of the Molding Pack, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve capability to promise - When you schedule a variety of orders with disparate tooling requirements, it’s easy to accidentally create production bottlenecks with multiple plans that call for the same tool simultaneously. The Infor CloudSuite Molding Pack incorporates tool scheduling as an integral part of production planning, so you can deliver what you promise.
  • Plan more quickly and efficiently - When tooling is a critical resource, there’s no substitute for robust planning capabilities that take those requirements into account to help you plan more accurately.
  • Get more accurate costing - By improving the accuracy of your production plan, you’ll have better costing information and be able to provide better quotes.

You can make quick work of the complex planning around tools, machines, and other equipment required for the molding industry with the help of the Infor CloudSuite Molding Pack.


CloudSuite Industrial Process Industry Pack

Manufacturing in the process industry requires a unique set of capabilities that are vastly different than discrete manufacturing. Where discrete manufacturing assembles many different parts to create a single finished good, process manufacturing formulates a set of materials that can produce many different finished products with unique packaging configurations.

These differences require a formula management system that allows for construction of formulas that account for factors like solubility and total yield. It requires having the flexibility to resize formulas to produce batches according to your production needs. You can design a formula to produce a batch of 10,000 pounds, but if you only have demand for 6,000 pounds you can resize the production lot and it will make all the mathematical calculations based on the formula for all the materials going into that production lot.

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