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CloudSuite Industrial Portals

The Infor Portal Foundation is an application which provides an administrator the ability to control the complete look and feel of each CloudSuite Industrial Portal. Personalizing the behavior of page layouts, styles, pages sets, and components (such as field display and images) as well as managing the deployment of the alterations is the focus and strength of the Portal Manager.

The database to which the portals will connect along with the authentication and security is easily managed using the Configuration tool. Full debugging capabilities can be accomplished by monitoring specific events of the portals using the built in Diagnostics.

Customer Portal

The Infor CloudSuite Industrial Customer Portal enhances your customer relationships by giving them direct access to CloudSuite Industrial data that they care about. Checking on order status, viewing estimates, requesting an RMA, or reprinting an invoice can now be handled directly by the customer.

In addition, detailed product information can be made available including browsing products by category, displaying featured products and top sellers, and then drilling down to individual items with pictures, pricing and associated recommended items. Product and support information can be published as videos and white papers, etc. along with answers to frequently asked questions.


Shopping Features


  • Intuitive Product Lookup
  • Inventory Availability
  • Top Sellers
  • Featured Products
  • Shopping Cart capability
  • Credit Card Interface support
  • Customer negotiated price support
  • Customer Catalogs
  • Multi-Currency
  • Ability to review and place Order
  • Visibility of Shipping Charges
  • Configurable Items for Estimates and Orders
  • Leverages PCM configurator Engine
  • Price calculation with options
  • Summary review of selections made
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  • Customer Interaction Log
  • Documentation Sharing & Management
  • Announcements
  • Other; Press Releases, Videos, FAQ, KBase, & Contact Us

Account History

  • Order Status
  • Estimates Listing
  • RMA Listing
  • A/R Balance
  • Account Management
  • Company Profile
  • Company Details, Billing & Shipping
  • Payment and Credit Limit
  • User Profile
  • Name, E-mail preference
  • Password Management
  • Additional User Creation
  • Inbox
screenshot from vendor portal

Vendor Portal

The Infor CloudSuite Industrial Vendor Portal enhances your vendor relationships by giving them direct access to CloudSuite Industrial data that they care about. Viewing Purchase Orders, viewing consigned inventory, responding to a price requests, or updating a due date on a Purchase Order can now be handled directly by the Vendor.

In addition, how well they are performing can be viewed and then the information that was used to determine this evaluation can be drilled into by the Vendor for On Time Delivery. Product and support information can be published as videos and white papers, etc. along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Reseller Portal

The Infor CloudSuite Industrial Reseller Portal enhances your reseller relationships by giving them direct access to CloudSuite Industrial data pertinent to both their own account as well as any customer account for which they represent.

A Reseller is setup in the back office as a Customer (to login to the Customer and/or Reseller portals), a Salesman (to associate other existing customers that belong to this reseller), a Vendor (to get paid for the commission earned due to the orders placed by their customers) and as a FS-Plus Partner (to submit SRO Transactions from the portal and to get reimbursed for the same).

In addition to the features supported by the Customer Portal, having access as a reseller provides additional functionality such as:

  • Commission Due
  • Pose As
  • Service Order Query
  • Service Transaction Entry


CloudSuite Industrial Mobile

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access puts key functions on your mobile device for various user roles within CloudSuite Industrial. This data can be viewed from multiple sites.

The Executive must have visibility into the health of your organization. They require a quick reference into key values for Cash Balance, Today's Bookings, Today's Shipments, and Order Backlogs. You can also link to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable details for all the pertinent information you need.

While Salespeople are on the road, they are able to enter new contact information, view Sales Orders, Leads, Opportunities and Contacts. They can also receive alerts regarding critical customer information. Using the calendar, they can also see any tasks that are needed to close opportunities.

Your Production Manager gains the ability to be notified and resolve issues as they occur even when away from their desk regarding critical shop floor and production information. Alerts can be configured to be sent in certain unexpected cases such as when the material issues are more than required or when the Actual labor hour posting is more than planned. Using production calendar forms, planned production can be viewed for the day and into the future.

The Controller has the responsibility to control costs for the day to day operations of your company. By using the mobile controller application, they can view Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Account Balances, inventory value, evaluate Funds committed for Purchases, and see Today’s bookings. Alerts can also be set to notify them of issues before they occur.

The Mobile IT functions will help your IT staff identify and resolve various issues in order to help provide a stable and responsive IT environment. There are a number of Windows Services and Processes that are required for the smooth functioning of CloudSuite Industrial and other programs, e.g. TaskMan, Web Server, Exchange Server, etc.

The Service functions will help companies outfit their technicians with mobile handheld devices. As a delivery mechanism, it bridges the costly gap between the field and the back office, improves operating efficiencies, and leads to increased corporate wealth and stakeholder value.

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