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CloudSuite Industrial SytePlan

Sales & Operations Planning is a business management process to achieve the alignment of all business activities to balance supply and demand. The Infor CloudSuite SytePlan process helps sales, production, inventory, and financial manager’s work together to maximize customer fill rates, optimize inventory, and maximize profits.

SytePlan provides workbenches, queries, graphs, and reports that facilitate the Sales and Operations integrated management process. These tools assist you in creating an Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and monitoring your performance against the plan.

SytePlan helps identify supply and demand problems and directs your management team towards the activities that will balance supply and demand and keep you on track with the plan. Identify problems such as:

  • Producing WIP/inventory for products in excess of the demand
  • Booking more or less than the forecast
  • Changing the forecast too much for production to respond
  • Building up WIP/inventory for products that have a backlog
  • Planned production that is inadequate to reduce the backlog
  • Creating unreasonable forecasts considering our capacity
  • Selling what is most available and most profitable
  • On-time delivery problems

CloudSuite Industrial tells you what jobs and POs are needed to fill demand. SytePlan tells you if you will make your revenue and inventory plans; why you’ve failed to make them in the past; and how you can make them in the future—with a big picture perspective of dollars and units of various product groupings and drill down to identify root causes and corrective actions.

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